Apr 29, 2008

Ready to wear Fabrique?

We were keeping this post in draft for quite a while :) Yes, we are proud to introduce a new and unique concept - the first on line boutique in Bucharest - It's stylish, always being a step forward . So, if you want to be familiarized with names like Abirota, Mimotica Micola, Big Feet, Swear, Eliza Yokina, KTZ, Dr.Denim JeansMakers and many others (don't want to spoil the pleasure of personal finding :) or if you want to buy one of naiveDesign objects :D just click www.fabrique.ro

This is the page where you can find indoor products in one of these categories: comfort, light :), object

We can only ask in addition: Do you Bucharest? :D as the Fabrique team questions its soon to be faithful clientèle.

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