Dec 10, 2007

Next Event - here we come!

"Zilele Casei Miclescu Bossy"

We are truly honored to be a part of this event - you will be able to see our works hanging in the beautiful Miclescu House for
4 days (14-17 December):

We have also prepared a presentation and slide show with our design concepts. Come and see/hear us on Sunday,
16 December, 6 p.m.

Adresa: str. Dionisie Lupu nr.33 (vizavi de Casa Universitarilor)

Program Eveniment:

VINERI, 14 decembrie (17:00 - 20:00 deschis publicului)

17:00 – deschidere; în incăperile de la parter şi etajul 1 vor fi amenajate:

- expoziţie de proiecte firma Prodid

- expoziţie corpuri de iluminat naiveDesign

- expoziţie sculptor Virgil Scripcariu

- expoziţie echipa de restauratori de la Casa Miclescu Bossy

- expoziţie traseul Calea Victoriei BBM grup

- expoziţie mobilier arhitect Francina Palade

- expoziţie restaurare pictura Maria Constantinescu

- prezentare firma Vlad Grup si execuţia restaurării

17:30 - 19:00 – proiecţii de filme scurt metraje: Tarziu (de Paul Negoescu), Joi (de Hadrian Marcu), Apa (de Constantin Popescu), Alexandra (de Radu Jude)

19:00 – in faţa Librăriei Cărtureşti dezvelirea sculpturii Arca lui Noe, sculptor Virgil Scripcariu

SAMBATA, 15 decembrie (12:00 - 16:00; 19:30 - 20:30 deschis publicului)

12:00 – deschidere

14:00 - 14:30 – prezentare program Lut Ars 2007, organizat de asociaţia Gaspar, Baltasar si Melchior la Piscu

15:00 - 15:30 – discuţii despre tehnici de construcţie pentru sobe; moderatori din partea asociaţiei Gaspar, Baltasar şi Melchior Lut Ars şi a grupului Arhiterra

16:00 - 16:30 – discuţii despre arhitectură sustenabilă; moderatori din partea Viitor Plus şi a grupului Arhiterra

18:00 – Inaugurarea festivă a casei Miclescu Bossy restaurate. Violonistul Dan Schor va interpreta o partita pentru vioară solo de J. S. Bach.

19:30 – Proiecţii filme de animaţie

DUMINICA, 16 decembrie (12:00 - 20:30 deschis publicului)

12:00 – deschidere

14:00 - 14:30 – prezentare atelier experimental organizat la Tibăneşti în vară de către grupul Arhiterra; prezintă arh. Klaus Birthler

14:30 - 15:00 – secvenţă muzicală cu grupul Trei Parale

15:30 - 16:00 – prezentare atelier de restaurare organizat la Curtişoara ; prezintă arh. Corina Stoianovici

16:00 - 16:30 – prezentare experimente tehnici alternative de construire Bran

17:00 - 17:30 – proiecţie film documentar Gumelniţa; prezintă arheolog Cătălin Bem

18:00 - 18:30 – prezentare atelier manufactura naiveDesign; prezintă Laura Chifiriuc si Cristina Ivan

19 :00 – proiectie film ‘Cabal in Kabul’

LUNI, 17 decembrie

16:30 - 18:00 – prezentarea proiectului Traseul Cultural Calea Victoriei al firmei BBM GRUP; rezintă arh. Alexandru Beldiman

18. 00 - 19:00 – lansarea volumului « Miniaturea şi ornamentul manuscriselor » de Liana Tugearu; va vorbi Andrei Pippidi

Organizatori, initiatori: Vlad grup, Prodid, Arhiterra, OAR, Carturesti

naives and the visuals

After 2 manki'n'stieb parties already, it's about time to post the graphics we made for their shows. We also had lots of fun making the visuals played in Frame club (a place we really enjoy anytime we go). We'll upload the movies on youtube really soon, promise :)

In case you haven't been to a manki'n'stieb party yet, they are two bad ass friends playing all sorts of funky beats, mostly break beat. So now u know! no reason to miss next time they play :)

Fashion East Fair - impressions

After one week trapped in the workshop, we finally got out to the fair - we where so well received, felt really appreciated by everyone - pretty overwhelming :)

There are many thank U's to give away, especially to Gabi who supported us from the moment she even met us; we enjoyed meeting great people: girls from Buttons (Catalina and Olga), Cristina/Zeeny from Metropotam, Andrew, Logan, Matei Schwartz from TimeOut, , Blondinne, Kittenwear, Sorbet, Eartricks, RULEZ, our table neighbors (the "bad ass negotiators" toy makers :D) and many others

Finally and most importantly - many thanks to our families and circle of friends who support us unconditionally - we're 2 lucky girls :)

Press Reviews:

on Metropotam
Romantica TV -sunday 9 dec
Antena 1 TV - minutul 24
evenimentul zilei news
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fac ce vreau blogspot
roflickrmeeting photos
tiberiu crisan's visual experience

and some really interesting reinterpretations of our lamps, credits to Leo (Horoabe):
jellyfish looks good on the sky
undress the light
till you hear the sound of light

Dec 4, 2007

Out of the workshop and into the fair

Fashion East Fair se va desfasura in data de 8 decembrie 2007 in cadrul “La Scena”. Proiectul consta intr-o expozitie cu vanzare a produselor unicat fabricate de designeri romani.
Este un eveniment marca Fashion East cu sprijinul Amigo Chic.

In cadrul acestui eveniment vor fi invitati un hair stylist din Berlin, un Dj londonez si un make-up artist roman.

Dec 2, 2007


Conceived as a intimate domestic moment, combining wool pompons with a round shape. It will turn a plain space into a playful interactive environment. A flying carpet ball, colourful and fluffy, will raise up nostalgia of warm childhood moments.

(see making of here)

Type: hanging lamp
Dimensions: D-70cm

650 colorful pompons
wooden structure

Nov 26, 2007

Pompon rehearsal

A record in making almost 650 pompons in 2 days :)))... this but really impossible if it weren't for Cris mum :D
It will turn into a "flying carpet" for a cozy space -big (actually huge), colorful and fluffy, fits even in a small room.

Nov 23, 2007


(see making of here)

hanging lamp

Dimensions: H max : 70 cm, Section D=40cm


- cotton wool
- mull
- iron wire

Cotton - more more more...

The story of cotton transformed into a >Jellyfish<

It begins with a round shape and a few packs of cotton wool, continues with lots and lots of rolling fingers and patience patience patience :D, and when u think u had enough, the pasting begins.
In the end, everyone lived happily ever after :))

(special thanks to Pe)

Nov 8, 2007

These shoes are made for... You

Cristina started this project a year ago together with her dear friends Oana and Alexa. Check her selfmade shoes here

Nov 5, 2007

Time planning

This is for all our friends who wanna help or just hang out with us, here is our schedule:

Nov 2, 2007

Look what we found on the internet while searching our name -really usefull for us:

Ways of Naive Designers
Early in their design work, beginning designers…
a. Stick with their first design idea, which they don't want to let go of
(versus brainstorming a lot of ideas, and throwing out most of them)
b. Think that the first thing to do is agree on the big design decisions, and then build them
(versus delaying design decisions until what's important is better known)
c. Spend too much time researching or planning a complicated initial plan
(versus doing rapid prototyping where they construct a number of mock-ups quickly to learn what does and doesn't work)
d. Perform design actions with little talk or reflection
(versus exploring first principles of science or engineering that may apply to and inform what is being designed)
e. Stay within the problem's constraints and practical limitations too much (versus temporarily disregarding limits and coming up with wild "dream designing" ideas)
f. Work in-depth on a single design plan for nearly the entire time allotted
(versus exploring a range of solutions quickly)
g. Approach a design task as an amorphous whole, working on whatever problem emerges at the moment
(versus breaking the whole system down into parts, and then working these sub-systems in an orderly way)

In The Middle of Designing…
h. Figure out the challenge's requirements and limits once, and then moving on to building the robot
(versus periodically revisiting these initial assumptions)
i. Continually adapt and add features to same idea until it becomes overly complicated
(versus following the KISS rule to Keep It Simple, Stupid)
j. Jump from one design idea to another with little reflection
(versus reflecting on what worked and what didn't in each design iteration, and then consciously applying those lessons learned to the next design).
k. Make drawings that show surface features or mechanisms that could not work if built
(versus making drawings that show how things are connected, and highlight critical design decisions).

Near the End of Designing…
l. Forever tweaking and changing the design, even to the last day
(versus setting a deadline after which no major changes can be made to the planned design).

Garage Lamp

..our own selfish treat, a functional lamp for the workplace.
And of course, it incorporates the naiveDesign moto - "Formes libres"

Nov 1, 2007

Baa Baa the sheep

Still working on this one (searching for a decent cable to put in...). First one for an exhibition we're planning, the Sheep is also opening a new category of objects - "Nature Inspired"

Oct 31, 2007

In need for a WORKPLACE

We surprised ourselves how fast projects begun to jam us (don't get us wrong, we are not complaining at all :D). Taking into account that every time we worked on something, as little as it would be, Cristina's place was turning into a messy pile of glue dripping, papers flying around and drilling machines "music", it was about time to get our own Naive Space.
But the chip didn't fall too far from the tree, as we end up moving into Laura's place, more exactly a spare big room that we cleared up of old furniture, and replaced it with our essentials.
Moving into a new space is always exciting, so, as two "little housewives" that we are, we started cheering the place up, make it cozy to work and chill around with friends.


Is it a coincidence that since we started this project, every time a friend's birthday comes up, first thought that comes to our mind is - "should we make him a lamp?" :)))
At least that's the case in this project - here is Alexa's lamp, many thanks to Oana who helped us with the meaningful wording :D

"Alexa's mom! can Alexa come out to play with us?"
"...mingle mingle"
"you are pretty oh so charming, it's alarming how clever you are"
"Budapest, Rome, Sibiu... and that's not all - WORLD HERE WE COME"
"Don't forget to blink girl!"
"Cause baby is you...Perroni nastro azzurro"
"Let's go out for a coffee and life will seem more flavored and steamy"

(lamish? only a little...just enough to be cuddle some :D)

The M Book

How can you say everything about what you mean to do in the future in a single object? -that was the question we wanted to answer ourselves while doing our next official "naivedesign lamp".
We knew it has to be atmospheric, totally hand made, unique while using ingenious materials - that became later our motto.

Here is the birthday gift:

It all begun with a wedding

This was a 48 hours marrathon, in which time we ate, breathed and drank lamps; It was the first experience of working with each other. This "creation bulb" was so enthusiastic for us that we started thinking how we could extend it in reality. Dreaming is good, but seeing it before your eyes is even better.

So here it is, our first baby - a series of lighting objects meant to bring atmosphere to an unconventional wedding that took place in a beautiful garden.
We also wanted to give a touch of symbolism to our objects, finally we came up with the "4 elements of nature" idea. The project had to consist of 8 lamps, we made 2 lamps for each "element" - earth, water, air and fire, with different techniques and materials with most power of suggestion.
- for "earth" we chosen wood, cardboard and ornamental leaves;
- "water" was represented by translucent plastic and blue glasspaint;
- for "air" we made white-canvas moulds to resemble clouds
- metal was shaped into "fire".