Oct 31, 2007


Is it a coincidence that since we started this project, every time a friend's birthday comes up, first thought that comes to our mind is - "should we make him a lamp?" :)))
At least that's the case in this project - here is Alexa's lamp, many thanks to Oana who helped us with the meaningful wording :D

"Alexa's mom! can Alexa come out to play with us?"
"...mingle mingle"
"you are pretty oh so charming, it's alarming how clever you are"
"Budapest, Rome, Sibiu... and that's not all - WORLD HERE WE COME"
"Don't forget to blink girl!"
"Cause baby is you...Perroni nastro azzurro"
"Let's go out for a coffee and life will seem more flavored and steamy"

(lamish? only a little...just enough to be cuddle some :D)


irina said...

hello girls, this is my "first time" here with a comment, thank you form letting me be a small part of this beautiful project called inner box, aka alexa's lamp:)))glad to be of some help...anytime, actually after 5 from mo to fri:))))

Déserts said...

Je dirais plutôt design malicieux :]