Oct 31, 2007

In need for a WORKPLACE

We surprised ourselves how fast projects begun to jam us (don't get us wrong, we are not complaining at all :D). Taking into account that every time we worked on something, as little as it would be, Cristina's place was turning into a messy pile of glue dripping, papers flying around and drilling machines "music", it was about time to get our own Naive Space.
But the chip didn't fall too far from the tree, as we end up moving into Laura's place, more exactly a spare big room that we cleared up of old furniture, and replaced it with our essentials.
Moving into a new space is always exciting, so, as two "little housewives" that we are, we started cheering the place up, make it cozy to work and chill around with friends.


Is it a coincidence that since we started this project, every time a friend's birthday comes up, first thought that comes to our mind is - "should we make him a lamp?" :)))
At least that's the case in this project - here is Alexa's lamp, many thanks to Oana who helped us with the meaningful wording :D

"Alexa's mom! can Alexa come out to play with us?"
"...mingle mingle"
"you are pretty oh so charming, it's alarming how clever you are"
"Budapest, Rome, Sibiu... and that's not all - WORLD HERE WE COME"
"Don't forget to blink girl!"
"Cause baby is you...Perroni nastro azzurro"
"Let's go out for a coffee and life will seem more flavored and steamy"

(lamish? only a little...just enough to be cuddle some :D)

The M Book

How can you say everything about what you mean to do in the future in a single object? -that was the question we wanted to answer ourselves while doing our next official "naivedesign lamp".
We knew it has to be atmospheric, totally hand made, unique while using ingenious materials - that became later our motto.

Here is the birthday gift:

It all begun with a wedding

This was a 48 hours marrathon, in which time we ate, breathed and drank lamps; It was the first experience of working with each other. This "creation bulb" was so enthusiastic for us that we started thinking how we could extend it in reality. Dreaming is good, but seeing it before your eyes is even better.

So here it is, our first baby - a series of lighting objects meant to bring atmosphere to an unconventional wedding that took place in a beautiful garden.
We also wanted to give a touch of symbolism to our objects, finally we came up with the "4 elements of nature" idea. The project had to consist of 8 lamps, we made 2 lamps for each "element" - earth, water, air and fire, with different techniques and materials with most power of suggestion.
- for "earth" we chosen wood, cardboard and ornamental leaves;
- "water" was represented by translucent plastic and blue glasspaint;
- for "air" we made white-canvas moulds to resemble clouds
- metal was shaped into "fire".