Apr 28, 2008

it's about time to visit Bunny :)

20 April... La Scena... yard, funky, fresh and green. Yes, we're talking about the new edition of My Grandma's backyard. Seemed the corner from the Red room was expecting us this time too... our room mates also :) same happy faces, same funky people, same supporting visitors, same fluttered Gabi :), same Grandma, but much more nephews!

We've also got the chance to take for a walk our new and ready baked 'Aiurea' shoes :D Thanks again to Gabi for believing in them. and in us.

Had a lot of fun, bought some new bunnies :), made lots of friends. All in one, this kind of event makes you addictive.. Soo, can't wait for the 4th one :D

for more details on this event click here

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