Feb 12, 2008

We're not that gone ;)

...well, ever since the end of last year we are involved (exclusively :) to a new and already dear project. If you haven't heard from the article in Time Out :) well it's time to hear it also from us: started the collaboration with La Scena on redesigning the "Red Room"-as we like to call it. The theme chosen together with the owner is organic-baroque, using as main materials mull and tulie (remember the Jelly Fish?:D) only that this time we're using almost the same technique at a bigger scale. The aim is to create a whole lighting installation on the ceiling that will float over a refreshing and cozy place to hang out with friends.
Space can be transformed using only lighting, remember? :D

Guess we have to stop it here if we want to see surprised faces at the Grandma's Backyard Fair on 1 of March :)

introducing Dee, the extra pair of hands that really helped us get this project through

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