Mar 2, 2008

It takes 2 to tango, it takes ALL OF US to change

Seems the least we could do is give up a little bit on electricity and come up with a series of 12 candles and t-shirts for this event. The candles underline through their design the activities we could all take part in an hour of natural lighting (one hour of... hugging your lover, playing with your kittens, come up with new ideas, chilling, listening stories.. and others). Keeping the same concept, we conceived the graphic for a serie of pair t-shirts, having the slogan 'it takes 2 to tango, it takes all of us to change'

In order to illustrate our stories, we used different techniques:

- adding 'uncommon' materials, either from the electricity field (for highlighting the contrast of the 2 different areas) or recycling materials (clasp ins, used matches, clay, plaster, dry fruit peels)
- subtraction (lighting switch, bubbles, blended candles)
- harrowing - grilling of the x & 0 game, dragging hook

So, if you didn't came at My Grandma's Backyard on 1 of march, some of the candles and t-shirts for the campaign are still available in Pe's shop.

Please check out Earth Hour site

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